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DOTW Con photoset part 1

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Anonymous asked: What are your thoughts on 3B of Teen Wolf?

(wow thank u for the question i never get any!!)

well at first i was a little skeptical because i felt like the transition between this lighthearted teen-y show with werewolves to this twisted confusing ass dark show with like too many supernatural beings to count was pretty fast for me but i am literally in love with it now. i think the writing is excellent (minus a few personal things i dislike) and i kind of like this new darkness to the show? i think it’s very good and as insanely painful as it is, i’m totally hooked on it!! i also love kira, i think she was a great addition and i really love the character development in scott and stiles. i just wish allison wasn’t as overshadowed this season? but anyway thank you for the ask again omg and sorry for my horribly articulated and jumbled response

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tyler posey arriving at the today show (10.02.14)
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"Music is by far my biggest passion because I got to do music on my own. My dad—who I’m very thankful for—got me into this business when I was really young, so it wasn’t my idea to put me in this business. I love it, but, music is definitely my own thing and I’m just so proud of where I took my band. We did everything and light years beyond what I thought we would do with a band.”


Hangin with T Pose at the Nemeton, just a regular Tuesday. http://on.mtv.com/17nXQgV